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Have you been planning to extend your home and add a staircase? Precision Steel is an industry-leading staircase supplier, providing customers with exceptional design, expert manufacturing and installation services you can rely on.

Our team of skilled craftsmen and designers at work in Reservoir, bringing together style, functionality and durability in our extensive range of staircases. Whatever you have in mind for an ideal design, we can help you.

Precision Steel takes pride in our craftsmanship. With strict adherence to Australian safety regulations, we combine style and safety in the staircases we bring to life. Our trained experts always make sure the staircase is perfectly within your home. You don’t need to stress about the finer details.


Superior Handrails Supplier Near Epping

Whether you’re hoping to revamp your balcony or just want to change you interior staircase, we have the expertise to install, design, build, and maintain it.

At Precision Steel, we support both indoor and outdoor staircase requirements, creating stunning designs to match the unique architecture and stylistic preferences of your home.

From assisting clients near Epping and Essendon, we always provide high quality services to those wanting a change throughout Melbourne.


Frameless Glass Balustrade Near Epping

Precision Steel is a renowned supplier of handrails and frameless glass balustrades to residents looking to upgrade near Epping. Our handrails add the much-needed support to your staircase while also enhancing your home’s look.

Our frameless glass balustrades are perfect for modern homes in the area, providing an elegant touch while maintaining the contemporary vibe of your home. We adhere to the highest Australian safety standards during installation, providing your home with a stylish, sturdy, and safe setup.

Whether you’re an interested resident near Coburg or Airport West, Precision Steel is your trusted partner for quality handrails and glass balustrades.


Easy Staircase Installation Process

The process of getting a new staircase installed in your Epping home is simple with Precision Steel. First, we’ll have a discussion to understand your preferences and requirements. Whatever you need, we can help you every step of the way.

We first create a design that embodies your vision. Once the design is approved, we manufacture the staircase at our facility in Reservoir. Finally, our skilled technicians install the finished product into your home.

Delivering Quality Staircases Near Epping

If you’re aiming to upgrade to a more modern staircase, Precision Steel is ready to serve your needs efficiently. We also extend our services to interested residents near Coburg and Airport West, providing the same level of expertise and service.

Connect with us today for a complimentary quote at 0468 834 599. Together, let’s create a stylish ascend in your home.

Why Choose Precision Steel for Staircase Near Epping?

When the question arises over choosing a staircase supplier near Epping, Precision Steel emerges as the top-rated choice, and for good reasons!

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    Expert Design Process

    We work with each client from the outset to finalise a design that reflects their preferences and complements their home’s overall aesthetic.

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    Custom Solutions

    From indoor staircases to outdoor staircases, we are specialists in creating solutions that are custom-made according to your requirements.

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    Unmatched Designs

    Each staircase and balustrade is the result of combining design, functionality and durability in a harmonious way.

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    Comprehensive Service

    Apart from staircases, we are also experts in designing, building,and maintaining handrails, balustrades, and French doors, making us a comprehensive solution provider for your interior needs.

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    Competitive Pricing

    We offer cost-effective services without compromising on quality at competitive prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Staircase Near Epping

Where can I find high-quality staircases near Epping?

  • Precision Steel is a trusted supplier of high-quality staircases near Epping, offering exceptional design, expert manufacturing and seamless installation services.

Does Precision Steel cater to both indoor and outdoor staircase requirements near Epping?

  • Yes, Precision Steel caters to both indoor and outdoor staircase requirements near Epping, creating designs that are tailored to match the architecture and stylistic preferences of your home.

Does Precision Steel offer staircase installation services near Epping?

  • Absolutely, Precision Steel not only specialises in staircase manufacturing, but also trustworthy installation so your staircase fits perfectly within your home aesthetic.

What other products does Precision Steel offer near Epping?

  • Beyond staircases, Precision Steel in Epping is a renowned supplier of handrails, frameless glass balustrades, and French doors, making us your comprehensive solution provider for your interior needs.

What makes Precision Steel a top-rated choice for staircases near Epping?

  • Precision Steel is a top-rated choice for staircases near Epping due to our expert design process, offering custom solutions, unmatched craftsmanship, comprehensive services, and competitive prices.

Staircase Design Supply and Installation


Ready to elevate your space with a stunning staircase? Contact Precision Steel today for unmatched staircase services nearby. We look forward to transforming your vision into a reality that exceeds your expectations.

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